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We are excited to share with you everything that our magazine has to offer for your families.

In our family magazine MI PUEBLO, we focus on providing inspiring, entertaining, and educational content for all ages. From parenting tips and fun family activities to healthy recipes and recommendations for family travel, our magazine has something for every family member.


Each month the circulation of our magazine reaches 1000 copies distributed in MI PUEBLO SUPERMARKET in the cities of Homewood and Pelham. Our readers can find our magazine in different sections of MI PUEBLO SUPERMARKET, both in Homewood and Pelham, giving us excellent visibility in both cities. We are proud to reach so many people and continue to grow in our community.


Our editorial team is committed to providing high-quality content that inspires and connects families, creating unforgettable moments together.

We have special sections dedicated to fashion, beauty, home, and technology to keep the whole family informed and up to date on the latest trends.


We are confident that our family magazine will be a perfect addition to your lives, providing fun, learning, and bonding moments for the whole family. Thank you for joining us in this presentation, and we hope you enjoy our family magazine!